The Three Cords Assessment: Do You Lead a Balanced Life?

Self, family, and business are the three cords of any life. Balance is achieved when all three of these cords are intertwined and maintained equally. By braiding these elements together, your life will have a powerful structure. Should even a single cord become compromised, the whole of your being weakens and strains.

Why did you get into business? For many, there is a thirst to create a legacy. For others, their career is simply a means to provide for those they love. What we must take to heart is that both of these responses deserve our consideration. Our lives are not nurtured by financial success alone. That said, to provide for our families, we must push ourselves to succeed in business. People often make plans, financial or otherwise, without thinking about how these moves will impact all spheres of their life. Left adrift without a plan, you will sacrifice one cord for another.

We all enjoy the same excuse that there is just not enough time for everything. This is almost true. There is not a person living who would not do well from an extra day in the week. That said, we are ultimately the masters of our destinies. We are capable of shaping the time we have into a form that serves all three cords.

Financial advisor Rocco A. Carriero’s Three Cords Approach shows leaders and entrepreneurs which areas of their life need attention. Through this lens, he is able to help them manage and align their financial plan with their personal, professional, and family goals.

This quiz will take a look at your three cords and give you guidance on where you may need to focus. Be honest and let’s start mapping out your next steps: