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With nearly two decades of on-the-ground experience, Rocco A. Carriero is a veteran financial advisor and charismatic public speaker who brings practical wisdom and invaluable insight to audiences around the country. Specializing in wealth management topics, his cornerstone presentations include The Three Cords Approach to Life and Wealth Management for Business Owners and The Best Routes for Approaching Retirement.

Rocco offers presentations for audiences from all walks of life, speaking at industry conventions, corporate events, and more. Feel free to contact us for additional information and a full list of speaking topics.

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True Wealth Management

Rocco A. Carriero helps his clients achieve their short- and long-term goals for investments, retirement, and estate planning. He believes in tailoring financial plans to not only meet your needs but also align with your values and personal aspirations.

Rocco believes in taking the necessary time to understand each client’s set of values and vision for their life. He begins each relationship with a personalized conversation about covering essentials, ensuring lifestyle, preparing for the unexpected, and leaving a legacy. Rocco and his team use their exclusive Confident Retirement® approach to help build a step-by-step, attainable financial plan, no matter your needs.

This team of advisors is experienced in implementing this approach with many clients and have seen results through highly specialized planning, consistency, and clear communication. These methods look far beyond just investment strategies to help attain goals and give clients the life they’ve always envisioned for themselves.

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